Coping with Covid19

Here are some thoughts (and sources) on COVID19 —
1. Compassion — When people use the word “only” in a sentence when talking about deaths due to COVID19 it indicates a serious lack of compassion.

See: “Compassion in the Time of Covid” extends beyond empathy. It does not motivate our action because we too may be harmed. Compassion motivates action because the phenomena we observe are unjust, not worthy of the world we would like to live in.”
2. Testing — More testing will most likely mean the number of cases of COVID19 will increase. Conversely, if people are not being tested, the numbers will not. Also should be taken into consideration are number of hospitalizations, fatalities…

“According to the Tracking Project’s figures, nearly one in five people who get tested for the coronavirus in the United States is found to have it. In other words, the country has what is called a “test-positivity rate” of nearly 20 percent.” —

3. Misinformation — People, even ones that seem pretty intelligent, even your friends and relatives, may share misinformation like…using mouthwash or gargling with hot water to prevent spreading coronavirus; leaving food outside for 2 days before bringing it indoors; masks being likely to suffocate people. If you question them or try and share #factsnotfear they may get mad and defensive. You may have to unfriend/unfollow or just take a break from them.

“The sheer volume of COVID-19 misinformation and disinformation online is “crowding out” the accurate public health guidance…” —

4. Washing hands is important. Telling people they should be wearing gloves is not especially effective if they proceed to touch their face/nose/surfaces etc. without changing or sanitizing gloves.
5. Masks — Wearing a cloth mask may be another layer of protection in addition to handwashing and physical distance. However, wearing a mask daily without washing it is just icky and wearing it over your mouth and not your nose and mouth is pointless. Glaring at people without masks in public settings will not make them put on a mask. You do you and stay away from them. If it’s a business, write to them or call them privately and let them know your concerns.

7. Distancing — Some people have no concept of social distancing — it should have been called physical distancing or just STAY 6 FEET AWAY.

8. Enforcement Some people have nothing better to do than act like Covid Cops and Virus Vigilantes and visit places just so they can chastise and harass people and businesses publicly. If you have a problem with a business, reach out to them privately.
9. Thankful — If you have been able to work from home, food and have not had salary/wage interruption you are very fortunate — don’t take that for granted.
10. Prisons and Long Term Care — There are populations that we aren’t spending enough time thinking about… prisons and long term care (nursing homes) are two that come to mind. What these facilities have in common is that people live in close quarters and do not leave the facility.

In the case of nursing homes and LTC I am hearing heartbreaking stories of depression and weight loss because their friends and family can’t visit.
11. Viral spread — The virus travels with people. When tourists come to the country the virus comes with them. When tourists go to the city or on a plane or a cruise ship…the virus goes with them. Some people with coronavirus spread more virus than others. When we congregate indoors in large groups in bars, churches, concerts it provides a good opportunity for the virus to spread. When contact tracing is done they look for situations when the Covid19 positive person has been in close contact (less than 6 ft for 15 minutes or more) with people who have or could have the virus. This isn’t just passing people in the street or on the bike path — or even picking up a delivery — this is face to face, side by side, in the same home, across the table, talking, hugging, singing in the choir… these can become “cluster” events of virus spread.

So don’t go out if you feel sick. Wear a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands and while you’re out, don’t touch your face/nose/eyes unless you’ve washed or sanitized your hands.
12. Parents and Kids — Parents who have been homeschooling or even just keeping kids on track while trying to do their jobs , zoom calls, and cook meals deserve something…a medal maybe.

For kids — this is not like some extended vacation…It depends on what their parents are experiencing and how they’re handling it and communicating about this. I’m afraid that in some cases kids are really suffering without their friends, teachers, school, and playgrounds..and we may not know the extent of this for a while.

13. Selfishness — and lastly…too many people think this is all about them being inconvenienced at not being able to go out to eat, not being able to get a haircut or buy a pair of shoes. Meanwhile, are they thinking about the people who aren’t working at those closed businesses? People that had to wait hours on the phone to try and get unemployment…max-d out credit cards? Borrowed money for rent?

This virus and #StayHome orders have affected a wide swath of professions from physicians to hairdressers and from chefs to gym owners…. Besides the health care workers and 1st responders and essential workers — the people who impress me the most are the business owners who had to close or shut down most of their business and are STILL intent on doing the right thing for their employees and their community by taking precautions to reopen safely.



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